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October 30, 2013
As most of you know, Jeff suddenly and unexpectedly lost his vision in the summer of 2011.  He was devastated to learn that he wouldn't be able to do what we all take for granted:  drive a car, dial a phone, read a menu, see a sunset, watch a movie or, most significantly, see the faces of his wife and sons.  

Jeff faced this challenge with determination, humor and bravery.  With the support of his family and friends, he learned to walk with a cane and later to use a guide dog.  He learned to use a voice-activated cell phone, independently mastered a speech-to-text app for his computer and worked with a mobility trainer to navigate bumps in the sidewalk, cross the street, use public transportation, and much more.  In a matter of months, Jeff taught himself to read Braille. Throughout all of this, Jeff continued to write and record music, travel to performances, play his music and support his family. 

In late 2012, Jeff's wife noticed changes in his behavior and appearance.  Psychiatrists and neurologists evaluated him without any clear conclusions.  A number of medications were tried without results.  Despite growing concern, Jeff remained resolved to support his family. He continued writing, recording, traveling and playing, simply trying to live with integrity.  Although his day-to-day life was becoming increasingly challenging, Jeff made it clear that he felt at home and himself when playing his music. In 2013, Jeff even released a new album, "Train Keeps A Rolling" including the hit single, "Pusherman", currently Billboard's number one smooth jazz song for the fourth week in a row.

By mid 2013, Jeff was no longer taking any medications because none had produced results.  However, his speech, gait and appearance had changed.  Many doctors continue to evaluate him but none can provide a concrete diagnosis or treatment.  They believe Jeff has an unidentified neurological condition and his loss of vision is just one component of a larger issue.

For the time being, Jeff's managers and promoters have decided that Jeff should focus on his health and not on his work.  In other words, Jeff is no longer being booked for performances.  

Of course, those who know Jeff are concerned and have questions about his condition. Although we don't have any concrete answers at the moment, we hope to reduce speculation and rumors by providing as much information as possible.  Jeff's speech, appearance, mannerisms, movements and thought processes have been affected by his condition.  However, his behavior is not in any way a result of drinking, drugs, medication or a stroke. 

Jeff recently said about his blindness, "Everything I do is a challenge and everything I do is a victory."  The love and support of friends, family, colleagues and fans are invaluable and deeply appreciated. Jeff and his family are honored to have you all in their lives and on their side.


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