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       I receive a lot of inquiries from fellow guitarist about the equipment I use so someone suggested I add this description as a regular part of the site (good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it) This is going to be fairly detailed so if you're not a guitar player I highly recommend you stop reading immediately cause it's going to get really boring.

For live gigs I usually play a 65' fender strat that's pretty much stock except for Sperzel tuners, a Wilkinson direct replacement bridge and a Seymore Duncan "Little Screamin' Demon" strat size direct replacement (meaning same size, no routing necessary) humbucking pickup in the bridge position. This is also wired so I can split it to single coil. I try to stick with one guitar throughout the set so as to develop a kind of repore with that instrument as the night goes on. I also bring a Hamer strat style Daytona that is set up exactly the same except that it has a maple fret board and Seymore Duncan vintage pickups in the neck and the middle positions. I like both of these guitars but the fender has been with me a much longer time (22 years) so I'm usually more comfortable starting out with it. If I break a string or something that's cool too because the Hamer sometimes gives me a slightly different perspective that can also be inspiring. The strings I use are D'addario . 009's with the G string lowered from. 016 to. 015. I need to use light strings to keep my tendonitis from flaring up(what a pain in the ass).

On tour I quite often have to rent amps so I request in order of preference a Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier "Tremoverb" or a Fender "Hot Rod Deville" then use whatever is available.

For effects I use a pro-co rat pedal, a boss tuner pedal, an "Echodrive" (which is an analog delay built with tube circuitry) a boss digital delay pedal, and a Shure wireless unit . In the studio I use an older model (script logo)MXR dynocomp compressor pedal most of the time (not on the fat hollow body guitars)and occasionally a rat pedal but rarely record with effects other than that.

I usually use a fender vibroking amp through a boogie 1-12 cabinet with an eminence 70 watt speaker but I have also used a boogie studio 22 and a peavey classic 50. Occasionally I've gone direct into the board with a sans-amp classic pedal.

For guitars I record with the 65' strat, sometimes the Hamer Daytona, a 1959 Gibson ES 345 with a stop tailpiece wired mono with the varitone disconnected, a 1959 Gibson ES 175 with just1 pickup (humbucking, neck position), a 1964 Gibson L-5, a 1964 Martin O-18, a Rimerez nylon string and a Takamine nylon string.

Now this is really going to get long as I'm going to go song by song with what I used but people ask this stuff. [top ]


1. Pick up the Pieces- 175, vibroking
2. Stockholm Prelude - 65' strat, vibroking (internal 3-10 speakers for this CD)
3. Stockholm - same as prelude
4. Gimme Some - 175, vibroking
5. That's the Way of the World - 345, vibroking
6. Westside Serenade - Hamer Daytona, Peavey classic 50
7. Nightingale -345, vibroking, 1969 fender thinline tele for rhythm
8. I'll be Around - 175 and the 65' strat, direct with sansamp.
9. Atlanta Nights - Martin O-18.
10. Just Goodbye - 345, vibroking, ESP strat with EMG pickups for rhythm
11. Lucy I'm Home - L-5 for melody, 345 for solo, I don't remember what amp. I think a 50's tweed fender pro
12. Moon River - 175, sans-amp direct [top ]


1. funky is as funky does-345, vibroking
2. naked city-65'strat, vibroking
3. nitpickin'-1995 epiphone sheraton, vibroking
4. the conversation-345, vibroking
5. baby I'm yours-65' strat, vibroking
6. mama didn't raise no fool-354, vibroking
7. wildflower -takamine nylon string
8. keep th ball rollin'-65'strat, vibroking
9. the niteowl-354, vibroking
10. tumblin'-345, vibroking
11. yohimbe-354. vibroking
12. spooky-65'strat, vibroking
13. one more excuse(to play the blues)-L-5, vibroking
[top ]


1. nightlife-345, Peavey classic 50, 65'strat for rhythm
2. Bobby's mood-345, Peavey classic 50
3. always there-345, Peavey classic 50, 65'strat for rhythm
4. seventh heaven-354, boogie studio 22
5. daylight-345 direct(no sans-amp)
6(oh no) no mo' yo!-345, boogie
7. a womans touch-65'strat, Peavey classic 50
8. . thank you may I have another-345, Peavey classic 50
9. only a memory-Hamer, boogie
10. the in crowd-345, boogie


1. wanna funk?-65strat, vibroking, (w/marshall 4- 12 cab, 70 watt celestian speakers)rat pedal
2. Indiana moon-65'strat, vibroking(w/boogie 1-12 cab, EV speaker for this cd)rat pedal, martin D-18 (borrowed from Artie Smith)
3. manteca-65'strat, vibroking (marshall cab) rat
4. the velvet touch-65'strat, vibroking (boogie cab)
5. my everything-65'strat, vibroking (boogie cab) rat
6. Lucky strike-65'strat, vibroking (boogie cab)
7. latitude 19-65'strat, vibroking (boogie cab) rat
8. come on home-65'strat, boogie studio 22, Martin O-18, Rimerez nylon string
9. paradise lost-Hamer daytona vibroking (marshall cab) sans amp in front of amp for ride out solo
10. groanin' -345, boogie studio 22    [top ]


1. dangerous curves-175, vibroking (boogie cab w/70 watt eminence speaker for this cd)
2. droptop-345, vibroking, 65'strat for rhythm
3. another friday night-345, vibroking
4. Mr. Magic-175, vibroking
5. step aside-345, vibroking
6. no two ways about it-345, vibroking
7. gone but not forgotten-65' strat, vibroking
8. lost weekend-345, vibroking
9. till' we meet again-345, vibroking
10. let's talk it over-175, vibroking
11. walkin'on the sun-175. vibroking
12. soul serenade-65'strat, boogie studio 22    [top ]


1.”Cut the Cake” - 1959 Gibson ES175
2.”On the Beach” - 1959 Gibson ES345
3.”Cruisin’” - 1959 Gibson ES345
4.”Jesus Children of America” - 1959 Gibson ES345
5.” If I Ever Loose This Heaven” - 1959 Gibson ES345
6.”Cold Duck Time” - 1959 Gibson ES345, MXR Dynocomp compressor( script logo)
7.” Turn Off the Lights” - 1959 Gibson ES345
8.” Cold Sweat” - 1959 Gibson ES175
9.”Mercy Mercy Me” - 1959 Gibson ES345
10. “Crazy Love” - 1965 Fender Stratocaster, MXR Dynocomp

I used my 1995 Fender Vibro King Amp through a Boogie 1x12 Cabinet with an Eminence 70 watt speaker on every track.[top ]

For every track I plugged into my Fender Vibroking amp through the Mesa Boogie 1x12 cabinet with an Eminence 70 speaker. I had my Echodrive pedal plugged in but not turned on. I find that just going through the tube circuitry fattens up the sound and adds some bottom end. Other than that I went straight into the amp.

1.”Boom Boom” Gibson 345(1959)
2.”Playin’ It Cool” Gibson 345
3.”Cadillac Jack” Gibson 345
4. “Underneath it all” ESP Strat (1985) with EMG alnico pickups the rhythm guitar overdub ( one of very few on the CD) was my 1965 Fender Strat
5.”Pass it on” 1964 Gibson L 5 ( the one I’m playing on the cover)
6.”Isn’t That So” 1965 Fender Strat
7.”Back Home” Gibson 345
8.”Can’t Let You Go” Fender Strat
9.Vibrolux” Gibson 345
10.”Nubian Blue” Gibson L 5 The rhythm guitar was the Fender Strat
11.”Skin Tight” Gibson L5ß [top ]

1."Uptown Express”- 1959 Gibson ES175 through a Groove Tube’s “Soul-o” 1x 12 combo amp
2..”On the Wes Side” 1995 Epiphone Sheraton direct ( no amp, this might be a first for me).
3.”Metro Cafe”- 1995 Epiphone Sheraton, 60’s blackface Vibrolux amp
4.”Cream and Sugar”-1964 Gibson L-5, Fender Vibroking amp combined with direct
5. “Silhouette”- Gibson ES 175, Direct combined with Vibrolux amp
6.”Take Me Home” 1965 Fender Strat, Fender Vibrolux amp
7.”Temptation”- 1965 Fender Strat, Direct
8. “Evolution”- ES 175, Fender Vibrolux amp combined with direct
9.”Just For You” 1965 Fender Strat, Fender Vibrolux amp, Eastman acoustic guitar
10.”Have You Heard” 1965 Fender Strat, Fender Vibrolux Amp
11.”Simple Pleasures” Epiphone Sheraton, Direct

The Vibrolux, Groove Tubes Soul-o amp and Eastman acoustic guitar were on loan from Tommy at California Vintage. Thanks!

Well there you have it, more info than you could ever want. Maybe someone will read all of this, maybe they won't, but at least it gave me something to do one rainy afternoon. [top ]


All songs were recorded with my 1965 Fender Stratocaster except:
1)Hello Betty- 1959 Gibson 345
2)Aint no Woman Like the One I Got- 1998 Epiphone Sheraton recorded Direct through a Brent Averill Mic pre
3)"Mojito" and "The Way I Feel Tonight" - 1964 Martin O18 Acoustic

A "Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50" through 1X 12" speaker in an open back, Sampson "lightening 15" amp. ( I don't know the make they use but it seems fairly lo-fi) except:
"Something" through a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 combined with an early 60's blackface Vibrolux
"Slinky" through a 1995 "Fender Vibroking" through an Eminence 12" speaker
   [top ]


I recorded this entire CD with my  1959 Gibson 345 straight
(no effects) into the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme through 1 Eminence 12 in. speaker. One close mic Shure SM 57 through a Groove Tube’s MP-1 Vacuum tube pre-amp and a DBX 160X compressor
The First Noel - Gibson 345 direct into a Digi 002 and mixed with the Vox AC 30 simulator in Amp Farm.
Greensleeves - 1964 Martin 0-18 with an Audio Technica AT4033 through the Groove Tubes pre-amp and a DBX 160X compressor.

[top ]


I used the same guitars, amps and effects pedals that I’ve described before with the addition of a 1969 Les Paul Gold Top. It has a one piece body and a 3 piece neck. The pick ups were changed from the original mini humbuckers to full size and replaced with the first run of Gibson reissue PAF’s . I don’t remember what they were called at the time, but it was about 1990 when I bought them. I’m amazed at how much they sound like the originals. I have that guitar strung with D’Addario 9.5’s

I used the Fuchs 50 watt Overdrive Supreme with 1 eminence 12 inch speaker in a Mesa Boogie cabinet on everything.
I’ll typically set the amp and overdrive pedal so that when I turn the guitar all the way up and dig it distorts, then clean up the sound by turning down my guitar and playing with a lighter touch. Although this may not be the most efficient technique for changing sound it does make me feel more personally involved with it so I find it more artistically rewarding than just clicking a button.

1. SHUFFLEBOARD- the Red, 1965 Fender Stratocaster with a Fulltone OCD pedal

2. ROOSTER BLUES- the Red, 1965 Fender Stratocaster with the Fulltone OCD pedal

3. GOIN’ ON- the Red 1965 Fender Stratocaster with the Fulltone OCD pedal

4. EVERYBODY WANTS YOU- my Red, 1965 Fender Stratocaster. I think John porter may have added some distortion via a protools plug in. I thought I played it a bit cleaner than this but I liked the way the guitar sounded in the mix so I never questioned it. Billy played a Collings acoustic guitar

5. THE BLINK OF AN EYE- the Red, 1965 Fender Stratocaster with the Fulltone OCD pedal

6. I DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING- My 1959 Gibson ES-345

7.NIKKI’S WALK - the Gibson ES-345 with an MXR dynocomp pedal ( script logo era)

8.LOST MIND- my Red, 1965 Fender Stratocaster with the Fulltone OCD pedal

9.GONE FISHIN’- The Les Paul Gold Top I talked about with the MXR Dynocomp

10. FISH FARE- my Red 1965 Fender Stratocaster

11. I’LL PLAY THE BLUES FOR YOU- my Red 1965 Fender Stratocaster with the Fulltone OCD pedal I also used the Start on the rhythm guitar overdub with a 60’s Vox wha wha pedal

Itunes bonus track
EASE-E -the Les Paul with the MXR Dynocomp. That’s Jeff Lorber playing rhythm guitar on this ( as well as all of the keyboards except the organ) I think he played and Ibanez George Benson model.

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