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Hugh Glasgow |
Hope all's well with you and your family; Recently bought your new CD
"Train Keeps A Rolling;" It is great! Love the remake of "How Long;" Haven't heard that in awhile!!! Really great sounds;
26 November 2013 - Bay Minette, AL, USA

Steven De Brock |
Dear Jeff, Totally enjoyed hearing you live for the first time at the Atlanta Smooth Jazz Fest; Been a big fan of yours for well over 20 years and it was a true pleasure to meet and shake your hand; Thanks for signing my copy of Three Kings, it will for sure be filling the airwaves of my car for the foreseeable future! Wishing you all the best! Steven
16 September 2012 - Roswell, GA USA

Sully Johnson |
Jeff, God certainly isn't finished with you yet; So happy that subway platform incident allowed you to come ut relatively unscathed; Still have he photo of you and I on my "fridge" and it keeps me motivated to practice, practice and then practice some more;

All the best,
Sully Johnson III
11 September 2012 - Jersey City, NY USA

Carolyn Foster |
Glad that you are ok; God was with you; Just watched the video Jeff Golub and Henry Butler at the Iridium, N;Y; 2010 Part 2; Wow!
8 September 2012 - Rochester, NY, USA

Bill |
Jeff, saw you last night at the Kettle Moraine Jazz festival with Mindi Abair, you were fantastic as usual, thanks and best of luck;
9 September 2012 - Port Washington, WI USA

Renee and Michael Fisher (Philadelphia Area) |
We are here vacationing in St; Maarten when we saw the news from NY and what recently happened and our hearts sank; Renee started to cry only the tears turned to relief and happy tears as the newscaster announced you are okay and a survivor; You must know that you have someplace on your shoulder a guardian angel that is shining a path for you and keeping you safe from harms way; We are so glad you are safe now and wanted to extend a hug and the warmest thoughts to you and your wonderful supportive family; We look so forward to being with you in January for the 2013 Cruise; L, Renee and Michael Fisher
7 September 2012 - Philadelphia, PA

Lory Gardner |
Glad that you're okay after that harrowing subway incident; I stopped breathing for a few when I read it! Take Care! Blessings to you and the Family
6 September 2012 - Phoenix, AZ USA

Carolyn Foster |
Hi Jeff: I was just checking in to see how you were doing, and I was glad to find out that you stayed strong through this hurdle in your life; I didn't have any doubt that you would; I'm sure that beautiful music of yours helped keep you going; Take care and will be looking forward to hearing more music from you;
11 August 2012 - Rochester, New York, USA

Joan Sireci |
Jeff, I'm lovin what your doing! When r u comin to NYC? Would love to see u live!!!!
All the best,
Joan Sireci
10 August 2012 - Whitestone, NY, United States

Tom McCusker |
Jeff, keep the good feelings going! You can do anything you set your mind to, and keep it young at the same time! Can't wait to see you in August!!
3 July 2012 - Florence, MA, USA

Funky Frank |
Jeff - as a fellow guitarist, I'm a huge fan, and I'm sorry to hear about your vision; I hope there is some possible cure for you, but I suspect your musical abilities will only grow; I'd seen you play with Richard Elliot in Sandy Eggo when he was my next door neighbor, but we're out in NY these day; Hope to catch you live out here sometime; Be well, keep playing;
18 June 2012 - new hartford, ny, usofa

Scott |
Jeff: just heard your take on "Crazy Love" on Toronto's Jazz FM; Dug it;

I've known your name from the credits for years; I wish you luck and perseverance with the challenges tossed your way;

Best regards, Scott
21 April 2012 - Toronto, Canada

Pat Linz |
Jeff - Did you get my recent message about being Luke's puppy raiser for Freedom Guide Dogs? Lukie was my number 14 dog! I loved him and worked with him for almost two years; I love your pictures with Luke and wish you both the very, very best; I enjoy your music; I am so proud that Luke is with you now; Best wishes, Pat
20 April 2012 - Spencer, NY, USA

Betsy Breneiser |
Great shows at the Jazz Fest in Reading, PA! Saw you for what feels like the 100th time! We had a nice chat afterwards, and was wondering if you could post an update for all your fans; Still sending the healing Reiki energy to you ;
18 April 2012

Erwin C; Noguera |
Love your music! Hope to see you play the Aruba island jazz fest, part of the North Sea Jazz Fest;
15 April 2012 - Oranjestad, Aruba

Jack & Jamie |
Jeff, it was great to see you perform at the Arizona jazz festival; The show was great
16 April 2012 - Collinsville Illinois USA

Lory Gardner |
Hey, Jeff! Great seeing you in Arizona; You sounded GREAT! Luke was a sweetie right after you introduced us; Bummed that for the first time in years, I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday on time; Hope that you had a great day with your Family! You're still THE MAN!
17 April 2012 - Phoenix

Frances McKendry |
Hi Jeff:
I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday; How are you doing with your medical challenges? It breaks my heart; You are so talented; You will always be my favorite guitarist; From your jazz friend from Bakersfield, CA;
15 April 2012 - Bakersfield, California USA

Jan R |
Hooray for Luke!!! After seeing you at the Rehobeth Beach Jazz Fest last October, I immediately wished that you had a guide dog at your side; It was apparent that you weren't at ease getting on and off the stage; As a supporter of assistance dogs and a dog lover too, I am thrilled that Luke will be there for you; Luke is a very handsome pup; Congrats-you are both lucky dogs!!
8 April 2012

F; John Sbrana |
My wife and I are thrilled we were able to attend that All Star Jam on March 29 at the Berks Jazz Fest;
We are also so sorry about your medical challenges and hoping research will bring a speedy, successful resolution; I've been a fan since watching you on stage at the Mann Music Center in West Philly a decade ago; I had never seen you perform before and as a modest guitarist as a kid, was blown away! The way you crossed styles --- from near classical through blues to heavy metal --- in one riff was astonishing; It was a very hot July day, and the late afternoon sun was throwing slashes of light off your guitar as bright and strong as your performing;
You probably don't remember, but we had a nice chat the following summer when you were performing in downtown Philly; a street festival on the Avenue of the Arts; I was munching on a hot dog and you walked by between sets; I introduced myself as a new fan, and you were warm, friendly and gracious -- as if we were buddies for decades; That is a rare quality in a celebrity, and says so much about your character, and heart; I believe it is those traits that will keep you strong as you move forward with your life and career;
Our thoughts and prayers are with you;
30 March 2012 - Vineland, NJ

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